About Us - NEXT Travel Stream


NEXT Travel Stream is the travel industry’s first live streaming news and data service.  We believe that the world’s most dynamic and engaging industry needs an information service that is equally dynamic and engaging.  And, the basis of engagement should be live streaming video, news, and data.

Travel professionals are well…always traveling.  Their personal device is their preferred means to consume industry insights, and NEXT Travel Stream is formatted for optimal consumption on a mobile device.  We believe that the travel industry will significantly benefit from an ongoing dialogue, rather than another monologue of static articles. Using live interactive streaming we hope to create that dialogue within the industry.

We have a strong focus on financial results and stock price performance for travel related companies.  We won’t be wasting your time talking about Alexa enabled backpacks here…or tainting our coverage with political views…there’s enough of that on other sites. We will simply share what we believe are the key issues driving the current and future performance of airlines, hospitality, ground transportation, cruise lines, corporate travel, and travel technology.

NEXT Travel Stream was founded in January 2018 by Scott Alvis, previously Head of Strategy at Sabre, President and GM of SynXis, and CMO North America at Amadeus.  Scott also started his career as a financial analyst at American Airlines after receiving his MBA in Finance from Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management.  As our Executive Editor, Scott knows the industry as only an insider can, and he is passionate about the data that drives it and the technology to keep you informed.

We hope you will join the NEXT Travel Stream community, and we look forward to interacting with you on our streaming channels.

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